Universal Biofuels Private Limited operates an integrated renewable chemical, fuel and natural oil production facility in Kakinada, India. Our facility is connected via pipeline to the deep-water port of Kakinada and is licensed to sell chemicals and fuels in the domestic Indian market and into the international market through its Export Oriented Unit status. Approximately 45 full-time employees operate our Kakinada facility.



Our Kakinada, India facility operates three refining units: biodiesel, glycerin and natural oil. Biodiesel, produced from non-edible natural oils, is sold as a chemical in the textile and fuel markets. Glycerin has multiple applications as a specialty chemical in the paint, textile, cosmetic, and medical industries. Natural Oils are sold into the Indian food market, mainly to industrial bakers and olien refiners.


Facility Capabilities and Features

Our Kakinada facility has the capacity to:

  • Produce 450 tons per day of biodiesel (50 million gallons per year);
  • Pre-treat 400 tons per day of crude palm oil (40 million gallons per year);
  • Produce 55 tons per day of refined glycerin (4 million gallons per year);


In addition, our Kakinada facility has:

  • The ability to produce, purge and blanket nitrogen in-house;
  • 21,000 ton storage capacity (6 million gallons);
  • 7 km underground pipeline connection to the deep-water port of Kakinada; and
  • Excellent lab facilities which includes equipment necessary to certify our products against desired specifications (E.g. Kosher, ASTM, EN, IP, USP, et cetera)


Universal Biofuels is actively engaged in expanding its multiproduct manufacturing capabilities through the development of additional production units, including a palm oil fractionation unit and a biodiesel distillation unit.